"Never shall I fail my comrades,
nor leave any to fall-
for we are not separate persons,
but one Guardian to all."
~Brotherhood Creed

We bring history to life.


The Brotherhood of Steel is a group of individuals who have dedicated ourselves to the old code via historical re-enactment. We have spent many hours researching this exciting topic since the founding of the group in 2007. We are a living history and live steel performance group. We focus on the history between 1100-1600’s including the golden age of piracy. We are based in the Midwest, with offices in Alburnett, IA, Des Moines, IA, Mexico, MO, and Kansas City, MO. Our goal is the expansion of knowledge and understanding by demonstration and bringing history to life in a fun and safe environment.

Our main focus is living history and live steel.  We have and are looking for individuals for our group that are skilled in the peaceful arts, including but not limited to cooking, wood crafting, sewing , black smithing, armoring, brewing, and painting/drawing.  Our combatant side is composed of individuals who have spent years training to fight with their chosen weapon in a historically accurate and safe way. Please explore our site to learn more about us  and how you can join us.



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